Saturday, August 31, 2013


Many of you have been asking to see posts of my Autumn and Halloween designs....
Here are a few of my favorites..........


FRIGHT LETTERS:   I have this set in stock as well as sets in the other 3 papers shown  $18.00 a set
EEK LETTERS:  $9.00 a set    or kit (wood letters only) $7.00
STANDING CROW:  $12.00 for one or 2 for $18.00
PUMPKIN PATCH:  small....$13.00    large  $15.00


Halloween colored bow - distressed Welcome sign
set anywhere or hang - indoors or out

Chevron Pumpkin

perfect for those who don't do Halloween
just set it anywhere - or hang it  indoors, or out
leave it up for whole Autumn Season