Monday, June 30, 2014


I do a lot of crafting, and a lot of home and furniture painting and I love it!
Everyone says "to save time, spray painting is the way to go".
I will say that over the past few years, they have made great improvements in spray paint... primer, paint & primer in one, high gloss, matt, plastic, metalic, with trigger nozzles, and spray tips that work from any angle. I have tried them all - yes, they all saved me time but ....... I really cannot get the exact look or colors I want, and spray paint just does not sand and distress well. However,  the biggest difference, for me is the process.
 I love the PROCESS!:
1. Preparation - Find a uncluttered surface the correct size for the job, lay out the a drop cloth, a huge one for furniture - sheets of wax paper for small projects
2. Choose Paint - usually I have the right color in my workshop,but sometimes I must go to the hardware store (one of my favorite places to go anyway) When the correct color is found I place it in a wire basket along with other supplies ready for the project to begin.
3. Paint Brush - I have about 40 or 50 brushes in various sizes I use weekly and sometimes when I am down, I reward myself with a new paint brush or two.
4. Painting  -  painting is Therapudic  the smell of new wood, the texture of the paint, the rhythm of the brush. taking the project from nothing to finished - making it look like my drawn plan.
thinking of the place I will display the finished project, or of the customer I am making it for
Creative,Satisfying, and fulfilling!
Spary painting does eliminate steps and time but........
I choose hand painting every time -  I am a Paint Brush purest!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

some great designs for Summer decorating, or gift giving

Rustic "I Love Summer Sign" - this is my July $10.00 special (2 for $18.00)
 the "I Love USA" sign was my $8.00 June Special - it can still be ordered
Rustic Garden Sign  $12.00
this is one of my favorite 2014 designs
I have lots of flower box designs - just let me know what you need, and I can design just for you

Monday, June 9, 2014


I am always amazed at how young children develop artistic abilities, and tastes!
I wish I would have noticed these things when my children were little.
However - it is much easier for me to see the artisit in the child when I am not the one who has to clean it off the walls or carpets while trying to control all the other siblings from wanting to join in the colorful fun!

Well we had a wonderful Birthday Celebration for my Daughter in Law last night and Abby slipped away for a while to my makeup drawer. She was eventually discovered and all was cleaned up - but.....
This morning I discovered some  Toddler art work in my bedroom......
I have a set of  chests in my room with the word Paris painted on them as I walked by this morning I noticed that an "I" had been added with the exact same red color.
the little artist did not sign her name (thank goodness) but  I suppect it was Abby as she was the only one who left last night with this color of nail polish applied to her feet and toes.

What was she thinking?   did she notice the colors matched first, or that there were letters on the chest?  was she signing her name and got interrupted?  was she writing another word? was she adding another fleur dis le motif?

It is partly, ok mostly my fault that she knew where to find my make up and nail polish,
I was watching her the other day, and I asked her if she wanted to help me put on my makeup  oops!
Anyway, miraculously, there is none on the carpert or walls!
I was going to clean the polish off the chest - it would be easy to take off then distress it a little - , but I decided to leave it there, Maybe even  add a little frame on top of my new Toddler Art.

Friday, June 6, 2014

I am getting excited about our upcoming Ransom.made Autumn Event!

It is not until October 10th and 11th, but I am getting started on Halloween, and Thanksgiving  designs I know you will all like!

I am organizing my workshop (aka Garage) so I can get serious about it!

I am using this old set of canisters I found to hold some of my small stuff that I  use all the time
I also found this wooden painters box - it is divided in sections - great for brushes
I collect old tool boxes, I guess this is a tool box of sorts

I have been gathering wire baskets, they are very useful - I keep small wood scraps in this large one
I use the smaller ones for customers orders, and projects in progress - keeping all the supplies for each in one spot - works out great - just grab the basket, and craft away