Thursday, July 17, 2014

2x4 Summer Blocks......
requested by a Customer - I loved them - made myself a set - put "Autumn" on the back

sets like these will be available at our Ransom.made "Autumn Event"
October 11th, and 12th


one 7 piece set is $15.00 one sided
                           $20.00  two sided
14 piece set - all 4 seasons is $35.00

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A "Big Tray" -  a Grandmas best friend!

I love to use small displays, and vignettes to decorate my home  - problem -   I have 17 grandchildren and one on the way!  needless to say, I am always rearranging my displays and putting things up when little curious fingers are around.
I soved my problem!   I just arrange my displays and Vignettes on trays, and when the babies come I just pick up the tray, and put it in a safe place.  When the babies, have gone home, It just takes a minute to replace the trays  and voila!  I am decorated again.....I have been doing this for a few years and it works great!  wish I would have thought of this when my kids were little!

Here are some of the trays I have out now
Center piece on kitchen table

 Family room coffee table

on Living Room coffee table