Saturday, August 31, 2013


Many of you have been asking to see posts of my Autumn and Halloween designs....
Here are a few of my favorites..........


FRIGHT LETTERS:   I have this set in stock as well as sets in the other 3 papers shown  $18.00 a set
EEK LETTERS:  $9.00 a set    or kit (wood letters only) $7.00
STANDING CROW:  $12.00 for one or 2 for $18.00
PUMPKIN PATCH:  small....$13.00    large  $15.00


Halloween colored bow - distressed Welcome sign
set anywhere or hang - indoors or out

Chevron Pumpkin

perfect for those who don't do Halloween
just set it anywhere - or hang it  indoors, or out
leave it up for whole Autumn Season

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Can't believe how many Weddings and Bridal Showers I have been invited to this Summer! 
 Not as many as last year, but alot!

Here are some  ideas for gifts - Everyone loves something handmade!

A set of letters for the head table - First initials of couple and larger Last name initial
Hardware on back to insure standing - After wedding -   attach  saw tooth hangers and  display in Home 
                           This set is $35.00:  Smaller letters are covered with paper -  10" tall
                                                             Large letter is Painted - 16" tall

This paper covered "N" is about 8" tall 
perfect to add to an envelope with gift card enclosed

I thought this was a very cute idea (sorry, I can't get the pic to rotate)
a little wooden book aprox 8"x 6"  - the customer filled it with pretty pages
It was passed around at the Bridal Shower
I can do it up in colors to match the Shower decor - it can be tied with ribbon, netting, leather etc.

Friday, June 7, 2013


The weather is getting warmer - we turn our attention to the yard and garden.
We want our outdoor living space to be as welcoming as our indoor space
A good start is to hang a "Welcome Sign", or other Signs  - display Letters -  arramge your plants in colorful
boxes  etc.
a few examples...........

PICKETT WELCOME    $25.00                                WELCOME TO OUR HOME  $20.00
shown in Yellow with black stenciled letters                   shown in White with red stenciled letters

Garden letters - (G in bead board, Wooden Flower attatched) - $18.00  [in stock]
Assorted Flower Boxes - made to order - prices vary
Box style with side handles and Stenciled words
Pickett style with "flowers flowers flowers" stenciling

Monday, June 3, 2013


Summer time = AMERICANA!

A lot of people leave Americana Decor up year round - I do sometimes - but Summer  is always a great time to display your Patriotic values!

I love to Stencil  - just added this stencil to my collection.....
Pledge of Allegiance - set of 2 12x12 plaques - distressed edges
makes a perfect gift year round!

I love this little "Rustic Flag Hanging"
saw one like it on Pintrest - had to make one - changed it a little bit
a great way to use odds and ends from my wood pile

Here are a few  more of my designs available...... Order your way or maybe get some great ideas to do on your 
                                                                 own - let me know if you want instructions

                                  Prices will be added later - in the mean time just contact me

USA Chubbs  -  $15.00

Big Flag project we are doing for our Midnite Maddness Craft get away
Friday, June 14th  8:00-mid night   Cost $25.00 include all supplies, Food, Fun
we have a couple of more spots open (as of today June 3)

I will post pictures of all the fun we have!

Great ideas you can craft yourself - let me know if you want

of course everyone loves letters -
Set of Liberty shown - $18.00 finished
Kit only - $10.00

I have a whole collection of long skinny Welcome signs
(to fit between my front door and little window)
this is one of my favorites - does not say Welcome, but "Freedom"
is a perfect Summer sentiment - can be order horizontal also
FINISHED   $25.00

KIT               $15.00 
(includes flag, star, board and letters) 


Friday, May 31, 2013

Initial Picture Frames

This year I made Initial Picture Frames for my Wonderful Piano Students
They are really easy and cheap to make - can use this idea for...Weddings, Birthdays, Birth Announcements, Graduations,  Craft days for kids etc,.......

You can probably just look at them and see what to do - but if you are new at crafting I listed the steps below, supplies are listed in CAPITALs

1.  Get your WOODEN FRAME (Michaels $1.00 - have a little peg for standing)
2. PAINT, orSTAIN  the back and edges
3.  Apply SCRAPBOOK PAPER to front with MOD PODGE
4.  Sand edges - when dry -  to remove excess paper
5.  STAIN edges of frame if desired (I used a black stamp pad for this step)
6.  Apply a layer of Mod Podge over front and edges of frame
7.  Paint LETTERS to match - letters can be - chip board, balsa wood, or wooden, I saw some  glittered          
     letters at Hobby Lobby - that would be cute!
     (I cut my own letters out of 1/4" birch scraps I had on hand)
8.  GLUE letters to frame - I used glue dots and then stapled from the back

                                                         backs painted .....
                                                        paper added.....
                                                       finished project .....

Monday, May 13, 2013

And so the Wedding Season starts!
What to get for the happy couple...

Here is one idea.....

A HUGE LETTER IS ALWAY A GOOD IDEA...two smaller letters can be hung on either side
for the couple's first names....

This "L" is aprox 20"x16" and is resting on a shelf
- it does  come with saw tooth hangers on back for hanging-
These huge letters look  great added to  a family picture wall....
  Smaller letters - first name initial -  can be hung by individual pictures.  
millions of ideas for letters!

Friday, May 3, 2013


I have been working on these Welcome Post Toppers orders and I finally mailed some off today!

IN THE WORKS............


This is the post - nice if I would have
 pictured the whole post-

It is too late to order a set for Mother's Day
But makes a great gift year round

SET $25.00 it  INCLUDES.....

Post  and 2 toppers of choice

additional toppers $7.00 each

I designed a few of the toppers as requests
for some of my customers...I just added the
Witch Hat and am working on Thanksgiving
                                                                and Christmas designs

Add caption
A couple of new toppers a customer ordered...

  •      Dangle leg Turkey
  •      Christmas Tree Trio  bundle

These would be a great addition for those
who are collecting Welcome Post Toppers

Thursday, May 2, 2013


This is the Big Flag we will be making at our
 "Midnite Maddness" Craft Evening  
  Friday, June 21st  8:00pm til Midnight
  704 N. Reed Pl. in Kennewick
  ~instructions by Shirley@Ransom.made & Kim from KimberleSu designs~

It measures aprox  30"x 22" with hardware on back for hanging
The cost for the Evening is $25.00 (all materials and Food!)

Just comment here if you are interested  - I can sign you up
or leave a message on the Ransom.made FB page

and Craft On!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Workshop Back in Order

It took me a while but I finally got my workshop (garage) back into shape after our big "Spring Event"

This is what it looked like - Happy Customers - included

This is what it looks like now - all my machines back on the table tops
working on new designs and filling orders

Glad to be back in the groove

Friday, April 26, 2013

New Blog - Things you will Love - Shirley@Ransom.made

In my workshop (garage) finishing orders for YOU!

    Starting this new blog  for You!.......

   Valued Ransom.made customers and 

   anyone who enjoys quality, affordable, 

    handmade Home Decor and Gifts 

I don't know what I am doing! but...  

  • I hope to give you "easy access to picture of my projects.
  • Share design tips and tutorials
  • Give you information on up coming Craft Classes and Events
  • Make it easy to order from me                                                                                         

We (*Ransom.made Designers) have just finished our "Spring Event"
Everyone had a great time - All our customers received a little
Spring Time plant marker.  We gave away a RMD Gift Basket
each day - Nicole McIntyre and Ann Autrey were the 
lucky winners!
It was so fun seeing all of you and catching  up.
I hope you all enjoy the Ransom.made Home decor and gifts
you purchased and hope you will think of
us for all your Spring and Summer needs

Midnite Madness Craft Night
Girls Get Away

#1....Friday, June 21st  8:00-Midnight
#2....Friday, September 27th 8:00-Midnight

#1 Project - Large Flag Pallet project - I will post picture and price soon
#2 Project - Very Large Halloween Countdown project
more INFO to come
put on by Me and Kim from KimberleSu

Until I get better at this Blog - check out pictures on the Ransom.made FB
and remember Mother's Day is May 12th