Friday, May 9, 2014

Today I am thinking PUMPKINS!
it is not to early to start getting ready for the Ransom.made "Autumn Event" in October.
Soooooooo  I am designing PUMPKINS -
it involves everyones favorites - wood/bead board/scrapbook papers/distressed paint/jute and silk leaves.......

Until I post the new designs you may be interested in some of my other pumpkin designs
4x4 PUMPKINS set of three - (inspired by pinetrest surfing)  alot of customers ordered
multiple sets of these for carnival decorations and to put down center
of their own tables - they were also ordered as gifts for teachers etc.

SLAT PUMPKIN shown here as porch decoration

SLAT PUMPKIN shown with cevron paint detail and customers
last name .....just before I shipped it

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I love love love  Rustice looking projects!

I have some old boards that were given to me by a friend, and some I found around my Mountain property that I use, as well as some new fencing I made look like old wood.

Some more Rustic Signs I made this week
~sending a message in an understated way~

Rustic "I Love Spring" sign     May special - $10.00
(looks great in green and peach too)

"I Love Summer" June & July Special - $10.00
"I Love USA" Special - $8.00

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A couple of my  Popular Patriotic Designs 

I have had many orders for these -
easy to display - easy to store, but why would you?
being Patriotic is never out of style, and can be displayed year round

"Pledge of Allegiance" - set of two -  display in a vingette, or hang on wall

This is one of my favorites to make and to display
I have it in front of my work room window - the wood pieces knock together in the breeze
perfect wind chime!
Rustic Dangle Flag

Thursday, May 1, 2014


 It has been a few weeks since our Ransom.made "Spring Event"....
 I have been filling orders for all of you wonderful RMD Customers - THANKS!
 I am finally caught up!


                                           I saw something like this a while ago 
                                           I have been dying to try my hand at 
                                                  it was suggested I make it
                                                                  so I did! 
Can be hung on a door, or a wall
but - I made both sides the same
so it can be hung as shown (like a wind chime)
looks great blowing in the wind!

I have a couple of other new designs I am working on
will post soon