Monday, January 29, 2018

Back at it!

I haven't posted on my blog for 3 years - wow!  finally got settled and now I am back at it!

I moved to a little town
my home is up in the Mountains
I am still making and selling my designs
I got a little both at a junk store
my customers from Tri Cities still buy stuff
made new friends in my small town
now I have more customers!
life is great!

I am on a Burlap Kick these last few weeks
this is the latest.....
little LOVE pillows with vintage fabric backing.

I love stenciling on burlap - it is sooooo easy

cut shape of design  - 1 of burlap, 1 of backing
using a stencil and stencil brush- paint design onto burlap
(I used a card board stencil I have had for a while
let paint dry - working on back of burlap - set paint with hot/dry iron
place burlap and backing right sides together sew sew around edge - leaving hole 6-7" at bottom
turn right side out - stuff with fiber fill - sew up hole
(for best restults, spot clean only)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring & Summer Stuff

Here are some of my popular Spring & Summer designs you may like ...............................

                                                      FOUR SEASONS BLOCKS
                                                       Spring side of my Spring/Summer blocks

                                                       Summer side of my Spring/Summer blocks  

~of course there is a set for Autumn/Winter~  
 Two Season set:   $20.00
   Four Season set: $35.00

Wooden Letter set - GARDEN with wood flower embellishment
(papers may vary)

same letters shown with different paper - no flower
(papers may vary)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Valentines                                        

    Rustic Wooden Heart
    wrapped with jute and hanging key  $15.00
    shown on my large "Hearts & Cupid"
   Burlap Table Runner 

   Table Runner is  22" x 48"
    including fring   $ 20.00

The Rustic Wooden Heart looks great in  this Entryway Vingette

Monday, January 5, 2015


I have been doing alot of Burlap Projects
here are two little V. Day Banners

many of you have the supplies and want to DIY 
sewing and stenciling skills  
Here's what I did......

                                                    I Used 3 different pieces
                                                           (supplies needed are underlined)

                           1.  small webbing piece with stenciled heart                               
                             5 1/2" webbing piece-stencil heart-turn top over 1" & sew (could glue)                                     
            2.  medium broadcloth backed Burlap piece with stenciled cupid
                              6" x 4"    burlap-stencil cupid-sew right sides together to same size backing-sew
                              around edge-leave hole to turn-fold over 1" at top-sew (I use backing
                              so burlap does not curl) could fuse a backing on-still curls a litte

                            3.  large broadcloth backed Burlap piece with stenciled "LOVE"
                                7"x 5"   burlap-stencil LOVE letters-do backing same as medium piece

                                              NEXT....string Jute through top and hang up!
                         could use ribbon or any string 

 don't like to craft alone? - gather the materials, invite some friends, 
or enjoy crafting with your kids.   

 don't have the materials? or don't feel like crafting? - I can make them up for you
I charge by the piece - make your banner any size-makes a great gift.......

 SMALL PIECE:  webbing with stenciled heart   $1.00
               MEDIUM PIECE:  backed burlap with stenciled Cupid   $3.00
           LARGE PIECE:  backed burlap with stenciled letters   $4.00

Thursday, November 13, 2014


many of you asked me to post pictures of my new Holiday designs
I found time to blog today - so here are few pics.

Holiday Special

Evey Season I design a Holiday, or Monthly Special
something small and inexpensive for those of you who like
to give gifts or decorate your own home economically.
This little rustic HAPPY HOLIDAY sign is perfect!   just $10.00
you can order and pick up at the RMD "Christmas Event"
or - let me know and I can have one or more for you earlier


I love this - love the paint - love the candy cane top block
and I love the chalk being right there so you don't have to go looking
these will be available at the "ChristmasEvent"


my favorite thing to do with bed springs!  just place your cards or pictures between the coils
easy to handle, easy for you and your Holiday guest to look at the cards over and over again.
Available at "Christmas Event"  in white/green/red/black


my new favorite way to count down!  hang them anywhere
or I can fix you up with a  Merry Christmas hooks - ( I will post picture of hooks when completed)
set of 12 numbers .....I used  a black painted set for Halloween count down
papered - $20.00     Glittered - $15.00    painted - $13.00

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ongoing Remodel

I have been working on our main bathroom remodel for a few months - catching an hour here and there
My goal is get it completed before our next RANSOM.MADE EVENT which is October 11th and 12th - just around the corner!
so far I have (well we have, George helped)....removed wallpaper, mirror, lighting and flooring
                                                                     painted, added new mirrors, and new lighting
                                                                     removed paint from vanity
                                                                      removed cupboard doors, and
                                                                      fronts from drawers

Next step is - stain vanity, cupboard doors, and drawer fronts a lovely rich dark stain
then all we have left is tile on the floor!    here are pictures!

 removed large mirror that went clear across the 2 sink vanity
 removed lighting - which I really liked, but was outdated
 removed my favorite yellow plaid wallpaper - yup outdated

                               stripped the yellow paint from the vanity
                               removed the wood floor - which I laid and
                               finished myself during the last renovation


  tapped off the tile for protection while stripping

Stripped 3 layers of paint - one layer of stain (we have lived her 26 years )

new door fronts, and cupboard doors to be stained - they are beautiful!

new paint, new curtains
new lighting
and new mirrors
it is looking good !

Thursday, July 17, 2014

2x4 Summer Blocks......
requested by a Customer - I loved them - made myself a set - put "Autumn" on the back

sets like these will be available at our Ransom.made "Autumn Event"
October 11th, and 12th


one 7 piece set is $15.00 one sided
                           $20.00  two sided
14 piece set - all 4 seasons is $35.00