Monday, January 5, 2015


I have been doing alot of Burlap Projects
here are two little V. Day Banners

many of you have the supplies and want to DIY 
sewing and stenciling skills  
Here's what I did......

                                                    I Used 3 different pieces
                                                           (supplies needed are underlined)

                           1.  small webbing piece with stenciled heart                               
                             5 1/2" webbing piece-stencil heart-turn top over 1" & sew (could glue)                                     
            2.  medium broadcloth backed Burlap piece with stenciled cupid
                              6" x 4"    burlap-stencil cupid-sew right sides together to same size backing-sew
                              around edge-leave hole to turn-fold over 1" at top-sew (I use backing
                              so burlap does not curl) could fuse a backing on-still curls a litte

                            3.  large broadcloth backed Burlap piece with stenciled "LOVE"
                                7"x 5"   burlap-stencil LOVE letters-do backing same as medium piece

                                              NEXT....string Jute through top and hang up!
                         could use ribbon or any string 

 don't like to craft alone? - gather the materials, invite some friends, 
or enjoy crafting with your kids.   

 don't have the materials? or don't feel like crafting? - I can make them up for you
I charge by the piece - make your banner any size-makes a great gift.......

 SMALL PIECE:  webbing with stenciled heart   $1.00
               MEDIUM PIECE:  backed burlap with stenciled Cupid   $3.00
           LARGE PIECE:  backed burlap with stenciled letters   $4.00

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